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BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror) Family Recovery Program at BriteLife Recovery Hanover, Pennsylvania

At BriteLife Recovery Hanover, we understand that addiction affects not just the individual, but their entire family. Our BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror) Family Recovery Program is designed to provide education, support, and coaching to families, helping them navigate the complexities of having a loved one in recovery.

Core Components of BALM®

Information: BALM® offers comprehensive education on Substance Use Disorder (SUD) to help families understand the nature of addiction and recovery. This knowledge empowers families to better support their loved ones.

Transformation: Through coaching and guided support, BALM® helps families shift from anxious reactivity to calm responsiveness. This transformation promotes personal peace and aids in the recovery process of their loved ones.

Support: Our BALM® program provides ongoing support for families, ensuring they have the resources and guidance needed throughout their loved one’s recovery journey. This support extends during and after the client’s discharge from our program.

Key Features of the BALM® Program

Ongoing Education: Families receive continuous education about SUD, the recovery process, and effective ways to support their loved ones.

Coaching Support: Experienced coaches work with families to develop strategies for dealing with the challenges of addiction and to foster healthier relationships.

Online BALM® Groups: Our online groups are accessible to the families of current clients and alumni, providing a platform for shared experiences, learning, and mutual support.

Family Therapy: In addition to the BALM® program, BriteLife offers family therapy sessions to address interpersonal dynamics and improve communication within the family unit.

Benefits of the BALM® Approach

Enhanced Understanding: Families gain a deeper understanding of addiction and recovery, enabling them to offer more effective support.

Improved Relationships: Through education and coaching, families learn to communicate better and build stronger, healthier relationships.

Long-Term Support: The BALM® program provides ongoing support, ensuring that families are not alone in their journey and can continue to benefit from shared knowledge and experiences.

Why Choose BALM® at BriteLife Recovery Hanover?

The BALM® Family Recovery Program at BriteLife Recovery Hanover is more than just a support group. It is a comprehensive program designed to transform families and help them become a powerful source of support for their loved ones in recovery. Our commitment to education, transformation, and support ensures that families have the tools and resources they need for their journey.

Questions About BALM® at BriteLife Recovery in Hanover, PA

What is the BALM® Family Recovery Program?

The BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror) Family Recovery Program provides education and coaching support for families with loved ones struggling with Substance Use Disorder. It focuses on Information, Transformation, and Support to aid both the family’s and the individual’s recovery.

How does the BALM® program help families?

BALM® helps families shift from anxious reactivity to calm responsiveness. This approach aids in personal peace and supports the recovery of their loved ones by fostering understanding and effective communication.

What are the three main components of BALM®?

The three main components are Information, which provides education about addiction; Transformation, which focuses on personal growth and change; and Support, which offers ongoing guidance and community.

Is BALM® available to family members of current clients only?

No, BALM® is open to family members of both current clients and alumni, offering ongoing support and resources even after discharge.

How is BALM® delivered to participants?

BALM® is delivered through online groups, providing accessible education and coaching sessions. This allows family members to participate from the comfort of their own homes.

What kind of topics are covered in BALM® sessions?

BALM® sessions cover a variety of topics, including understanding addiction, effective communication strategies, setting healthy boundaries, and maintaining self-care.

Can BALM® improve family dynamics?

Yes, BALM® aims to improve family dynamics by teaching members how to interact with their loved ones in a supportive, non-confrontational manner, fostering healthier relationships.

Do I need any special equipment for NIT?

The timeline for seeing results can vary, but many families begin noticing positive changes in communication and understanding within a few weeks of consistent participation.

Is there a cost associated with joining BALM®?

BALM® is provided as part of the comprehensive care at BriteLife Recovery Hanover, so there are no additional costs for families of clients.

How can I enroll in the BALM® Family Recovery Program?

Enrollment in BALM® can be initiated by contacting our team at BriteLife Recovery Hanover. We will guide you through the process and provide all necessary details to get started.

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